I wish that I could write better - like use really big words in a really creative way so that when people were reading they would have no idea what the word actually meant but i would sound really smart. You know, like.. appendectomy.. or something. (too much grey's anatomy you say? I say never.) If I could write better, I would blog more. I have a million little thoughts running through my head, usually when I am trying to go to sleep, and I can never think of a way to compose them into a good blog post. So really fantastic topics get forgotten.

For example - a month or so ago Jakes breath smelled like my old piano teachers house when I was like 10.  Would you be able to remember what your piano teachers house smelled like 13 years ago? exactly. What a fantastic blog post that would have been.

Maybe if I just ramble it will be good enough.. I will write a top 5 things I currently want to write a blog post about. And I will call it:

Top 5 things I currently want to write a blog post about: (Ellen, anyone?)

1. Books. I love reading - and I love that I love reading. I think it is one of the greatest things ever. And I wish I could write about it in a more interesting way than i just barely did. But, I can't, and so you should go read this post instead. No really, its fantastic. And if you love to read, you will feel like someone finally understands you.

2. I wish that I could adequately describe to you how I feel about being a mom. I want to be able to put into words how much I really love Hadley and how I feel about her. I want to be able to say, without sounding cliche, that it is the hardest job I ever have or will ever have, but it is the best and most amazing gift I have ever been given. But I want to write all of that in a way that is still being sensitive to those who are desperately wanting to be parents. I need to get more creative..
Also, if you have a baby, and I tell you congrats and that I am so excited for you - I really mean that. Hadley is only 6 months old, so all those brand new emotions and feelings that come along with giving birth or bringing a baby into your family are still very fresh in my mind (not to mention all the leftover hormones that seem to be sticking around..). I get teared up -- and when i say teared up i mean i was totally crying--  seeing a picture of a brand new baby and I remember what it felt like when Hadley joined our family. So if I tell you congrats, I mean it from the most sincere place possible.

3. What do you do on monday nights? Me? I skype with madi and we use our pretzels as wands and pretend to cast spells at each other. Not dorky one bit. Completely dorky.

4. As soon as i come across some chocolate chips and ice cream I am making these:
*UPDATE: In the long time it took me to write this post, i came across chocolate chips and ice cream. and I made these. and they were gooooo-oood.*

5. 6 month old baby + teething + who knows what else + lots of hours of the night, times 3 months + im losing my mind = crazy sleep deprived danica. Seriously, I think i have gone crazy. Please - put me in one of those strappy suits in a padded room, drug me up with sleep meds and let me sleep for days. Ohhhhh think of the possibilities - with all that padding you could sleep anywhere in that room. 
Seriously, I think i have gone crazy.

Turns out my child who loved sleep doesn't care too much for it anymore. No, I haven't let her cry it out.  No, I don't want to/can't let her cry it out. Thanks though. I've been trying to follow the ideas in the No-Cry Sleep Solution book but am not seeing too much improvement yet.. It's hard. But no pain, no gain right? I guess its gonna hurt alot before I starting gaining.. Yah.. Well you try telling that to my sleep deprived mind at 12:36, 1:15, 2:55, 3:46, 5:16, 6:47, and 8:00. Seriously, I think i have gone crazy.

However, as hard as this all is (and its really hard on me at least), I am extremely grateful to be Hadley's mom. I will never wish to trade the countless hours of sleep lost with her for a nights sleep without her. 

Seriously though, I think i have gone crazy. 


Madi said...

explelliarmous! who needs things to do on monday nights when you can be skyping with me?

Seth + Carlie said...

that's cute! i think you should blog more too! :)

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I love reading your blog! I think you're creative. I always feel the same way that you do though. There are lots of things I would blog about but then I can never write it or make it sound the way I wish I I just end up deleting everything. One thing that worked for Peyton when she was teething since tylenol did not was humphreys teething strips. They are homeopathic and they always calmed her down and put her right to sleep!

Kristin said...

you rock. And i think you should write more posts like this. I think lists suit you :)