Yesterday me and Jake got callings. You ready for this?

Me: Den Leader.
Jake: Cub Scout Master.

What? Me? A Den leader? Oh heaven help me please. You wanna know the last time I was in charge of a group of little boys?


I have no brothers (besides the ones that I married into but those don't count in this situation), no sons, no boy cousins I actually grew up around, and the only nephew i've got is 5 weeks old. And they think I can handle this?

Jake's not worried at all, he's got this whole thing covered. But me? I have this re-occuring day dream/scary image of a bunch of 7 year olds kicking me and telling me they hate me as I run away. 

*sigh* Guess we will see what sort of bruises are in store for me :)


Madi said...


You didn't even think to mention this on our DAILY skype talk?

Haha i love everything about this! It's like you're there mother. Their den mother, how cute!

Petersons said...

I'm not going to lie I'm a little scared for you! I know you will do a good job but groups of small boys scare me

Seth + Carlie said...

You will do great! Those little boys will love you. That would be intimidating though coming from no little boy experience at all! :)

Lauren said...

Oh you'll be fine, I'm sure they'll all have crushes on you by the end of it!

Kat said...

My husband is scout master too, for the 12-14 year old boys. They are something else! Really crazy but Trav loves going on campouts and doing all the boy stuff. You'll have a good time with it. Just have fun!

Lesa said...

Wow.. random. :) I would be terrified too! But it will end up great - my mom had the same calling and was always super stressed about it, only to remember how cute those kids were after every meeting... they're really excited about scouts at that age so, pretty much they'll just be happy to be there.

Steph said...

Oh you've got it down!! If things start going down hill and you need their attention, just start burping or making music with your hand in armpit :)

Brittany said...

I will pray for you! haha jk! I'm sure you will be the best den mother they will ever have!