Hp in photo's

I've been meaning to post more pictures for a while... Which means there are probably way too many pictures of the Hadipug than you care to see. If so - kindly avert your eyes to something else and I will tell you when I'm done. I'm very thoughtful to warn you, no?

A while back we had a very rare sunny & warmish day so we took advantage of it and played outside till Jake got home

Then a couple weeks later we brought Hadley to her first baseball game - and they won after like a 13 game losing streak. Coincidence? I think not.

Hadipug and grandpa the weekend she learned how to sit by herself - March 13th I think?

from L to R, R to L: My mom and my aunt have a picture where they are nursing me and my cousin Tyler at the same time, and we are about 4 months apart. So when me and Kira had babies only 6 months a part, we had to re create the photo. --- Hadley and Ryker (6 months apart) --- We LOVE shower time in this house. No matter how tired, fussy, or unhappy this baby is, she is always up for shower time. --- Cousin train with Hadley and Presley!

Hadley and her best friends Stella (left) and Kate (right). Stella is 4 weeks younger than Hadley and Kate is 5 days younger --- Hadley and Presley. I can't wait to see what kind of friends these two girls are once Hadley can actually play with Presley.

We forgot sunscreen so we used a wipe to cover her head :) we are SUCH good parents.

We have already started training her for cheer or gymnastics. She totally hates it, can't you tell?

Ahhh. There ya go. I'm done - you can look back now :)


Lesa said...

So cute. I think you should do that on every post. :)

Jeannette & Brandt said...

She is so cute! I just love her.

in morse code said...

don't ever feel bad about posting pics about your girl! (at least I have to tell that to myself...) what a cute family!

Holly Thaxton said...

She is a doll.. just like her Momma :) Loved all of the pics!!

derek and kimber said...

She is growing up so fast. I love all the fun photos you have! :-)

Shelby&BrandonOsmond said...

Danica! She is just so dang cute! I'm glad you posted those pictures :) ANd I love that you blurred her in the shower haha so funny. But My boy loves the shower too!