We're slowly starting to function around here again..

Hadley is starting to sleep without the necessity of being latched on and nursing for hours on end during the night... *if I jinx myself i just might cry*

maybe - just maybe - sometime soon I will start remembering things again - like how to blog.

just maybe.


derek and kimber said...

I am sorry Dani. That is rough.. hopefully soon she will start sleeping longer.. When you start giving her rice cereal and stuff it should help her sleep longer!

PS - I blog stalk you constantly. I just forget to comment. haha

PPS or PSS (which ever it is supposed to be) How did the laundry detergent work? I want to do it - well I am going to do it.. but do you use it for Hadley too? Paityn has very sensitive skin.

Steph said...

How wonderful for you I hope the wonderfulness continues and you can both get lots of restful sleep from now on!