Happy Birthday To This Guy

It's already MAY? Are you kidding me? I demand time slow down. 

Now this is where we all pretend it's April 21st (which literally feels like yesterday) and this handsome boy's 24th birthday:

And in honor of this 24th birthday post, me and Hadley have compiled a list of 24 reasons why we love our Jakey-poo/Dad - ahem...

  1. Me: He asked me to marry him at the zoo
  2. HP: You watch Elmo with her & get almost as zoned in as she does
  3. Me: He always gives me his tomatoes & onions off of everything
  4. HP: You play with her in the mornings while we're still in bed
  5. Me: He makes me feel pretty even after having a baby
  6. HP: You love her more than anything & it shows
  7. Me: He puts up with my roller coaster emotions
  8. HP: You're the bomb at getting her to laugh and giggle
  9. Me: He's still married to me even with my elbow crease obsession
  10. HP: You're her favorite shower buddy
  11. Me: He wants to go to Europe and travel as much as I do
  12. HP: You freak over poopy diapers
  13. Me: He doesn't say anything if when I leave the dishes for a week...or two...
  14. HP: You'll turn off your games to put on Elmo
  15. Me: He supports me
  16. HP: You think that her saying dadadadadada means she is saying "Dad" as her first word
  17. Me: He thinks I could actually make money off my stick figure drawings/embroidery
  18. HP: You give her ice cream when I won't
  19. Me: He calls us "his girls"
  20. HP: You call us "your girls"
  21. Me: He carries the priesthood
  22. HP: You haven't dropped her off the bed like I have... :(
  23. Me: He promised me when my cat lucky died that I could get another one when we have a house
  24. HP: Only you can do her "standing-on-your-hands-in-the-air" trick that good
There you have it - 24! Happy birthday Jake!

Here are the rest of the pictures from his birthday dinner:


Jeannette & Brandt said...

Elbow crease obsession???? What?
And I am totally with Jake, you could make money off your stick figure stuff-I would buy it!
And don't worry, Paisley fell off our bed under my watch too. Worst mommy moment ever. Luckily because I am lazy and hadn't put away our laundry in over a week, there was a huge pile on the floor that she landed in :)

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Those pictures are so cute! Love all the shoulder riding going on! :) Liked your 24 reasons why you love Jake very cute! And yes elbow crease?? I gotta hear about this please!