Happy Birthday!

On May 19th, 1991, Madison Paige Waters came into this world (although her birth certificate would say otherwise...) a brand spankin new baby. Fast forward 20 years, and today she turned 20! the big 2-0! It's too bad she is in New York because if she would have been here instead of on skype, we would have had the coolest, bestest, most awesome party ever! I'm positive of it. But I guess for now skype will have to do - and at least it lets us do cool things like this:


and in honor of your birthday, i present: Birthday cat


Madi said...

haha thank you for the birthday cat picture thats the best present a girl could ask for!

derek and kimber said...

Next year, right around April 5th, would you do a post like this for me. Because. I. Love. It! (don't worry, I'll remind you! ;-)