Our Saturday looked a little something like this:

That same saturday that was so unlucky for jake (broken thumb, remember?) turned out to be fantastic for Hadley. She loves animals and in one whole day she met 3 cows, 2 horses, a bunny, a duck, and about 5 different dogs/puppies - talk about the best day ever! I could explain it all, but no one really wants that. Let's just experience it together:

Jake before and after his thumb broke

Watching daddy play

Trying to pet the baby cow

More cows...

That horse put Hadley's whole foot in her mouth, and throughout the entire experience she never once took that avocado skin out of her mouth. That girl likes her food!

I wish I had pictures of the bunny, duck and the dogs but... yah.. didn't happen. Maybe next time :)

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in morse code said...

fun saturday. and lucky weather. seems like you gotta take advantage of it!