Secrets Secrets Are So Fun

I have a bunch of other little posts I keep meaning to do - But most of them are solely about Hadley and I a m trying to give you all a break from baby-overload. I seriously could write posts for days about that girl - so you are welcome for refraining.

Now on to what todays post is really about:

Missy is BACK(for a week and a half)! 

We have been planning this surprise for a month now and finally it happened. Me, Jake and Hadley picked Madi up from the airport yesterday morning and then brought her back to our place to wait until it was time to show up at my parents for dinner. She snuck in the back and hung out in her room waiting for everyone to get there so we could carry out our plan. It was pure CIA/Secret Agent style. We got everyone there and had missy call us on skype from down in her bedroom so that everyone would think she was still in New York. Then while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her, Jake snuck down with Hadley to Madi's bedroom. After the singing was over, Madi casually said "Guys, guess who came to visit me??" and then grabbed Hadley from Jake and sat her on her lap. Funniest.thing.ever. No one got it! they thought it was a doll or some cool technology. I could explain the rest of what happened, but here is a video that Brett took of the whole thing:

Pretty great right? Needless to say, yesterday was a pretty great day at the Waters house :)
Here are a few more pictures from the airport:


She's here!



Seth + Carlie said...

I bet you're parents loved that surprise! How awesome!

Lesa said...

Ok, awesome... and did Brett know and really not tell Kira for a month??

I'm gonna be honest. That almost made me cry it was so awesome. :D

Lauren said...

This is so cute! Seriously, I just love your little awesome family. Everyone just loves each other so much! And I love it!

Kristin said...

SO FUN!! What a blast. :) I love how close your fam is.

Tiffani said...

That just made my life. My favourite part was watching your mum dart from one side of the screen to the other! classic!

Holly Thaxton said...

i LOVE your family so much!! yah!!! cute!!!