9 Months

It's still hard to believe this girl has been here as long as she was inside me. Happy 9 months to the Hadipug! The best, most incredible, and hardest months of my life so far. Gosh I am lucky - even when she is crying in the middle of the night, how lucky I am to groggily stumble into her room and see her on her tummy, kicking her legs, with her face anxiously awaiting me to pick her up (I assure you I am not that optimistic about things in the moment at every 1-2 hour intervals... Just something about the time passing so quickly makes me all annoyingly emotional and sentimental).

Since I am obviously not one of those mom's who is good enough to diligently document their baby's month-to-month accomplishments (ha.. I think the last one was like, 3 months old?), I figured I would give you 9 facts about Hadley on her 9 month birthday:

1. She can sit, stand (with help) roll, but thankfully can't crawl quite yet.
2. She isn't scared of hardly anything - the bigger the animal or the higher in the air Jake can get her the better. 
3. She's a toy hoarder - she thinks that every toy placed in front of her must somehow ALL fit in her hands/mouth at once. This is especially true of bath toys
4. She LOVEs this book. I mention the name and her face lights up - And I am pretty sure she has a crush on the nightmare at the end because she gets all excited when we get to that page and she starts caressing his face and cooing - its pretty adorable.
4. There are very few things that Elmo's World cannot fix. We have watched "Families, Mail, and Bath Time" literally more times that I can count and she still shrieks and giggles every.time.we.watch.it. Me and Jake sing the songs like they are over played lady gaga songs.
5. She is a total mama's girl for all things comfort (I think she would nurse on and off all day if I let her) - but instantly knows its playtime whenever dad walks in. She tries smile and play with him AND nurse at the same time. Best of both worlds I guess?
6. She gives the best grins and flat mouth smiles - All frustrations literally melt away when she flashes one of those.
7. She has a love affair with the light hanging above our stairs (one day I will put a picture of it on here). We say good morning to it EVERY morning and you should see the smile it gets from her. She then will watch it the entire way down the stairs. I'm afraid we might have to take it with us if we ever when we move.
8. She will put anything soft (clothes, wipes, diapers, blankets, etc) over her face and kick and shriek excitedly until you play peek-a-boo with her
9. You can always tell her excitement level by her eyebrows and legs

*And a bonus.. She is the "hadipug" because she used to be the "hadibug" but when she was about 4-5 months old she got a cold and sounded exactly like a pug for weeks. So Brett (my brother in law) started calling her "hadipug" and it has just stuck. {ps, Happy Birthday B-nig!} Or in Presley's case (my almost 2 year old niece) - its "Haaa Puuhhhh" :)

isn't that face to die for?
Hadley and her cousins Ryker, Brinley and Presley

Pictures courtesy of Madi Waters


Kristin said...

she is a doll. happy 9 months hadley! And thanks for the other post down there. I had no idea that my talk meant that much to anyone. I'm really gladI could help get you out of your "funk". :) Save me a seat in RS!

Seth + Carlie said...

She is getting so big (and is still super cute)! BTW, I was watching a show and one of the main characters is deaf, and it made me think of you studying ASL!

Lesa said...

Maybe I should trade you for "Babies, Dogs and more..."

What a cutie she is. :)

Brittany said...

Ok she is getting so big! remember when Presley looked huge compared to her and now they both look like kids not babies!! :(

Steph said...

Oh so is just so cute! I loved reading all these cute facts about her. Your such a cute mommy! Love the pictures!