Go Team Witt!

Our neighbors, and good friends, the Calls are helping to host an AWESOME online auction this weekend. They are raising money for a very deserving couple who have been through one IVF cycle to bring a baby into their family, and are struggling for the money to try again. Go check it out! Seriously, there is some GOOD stuff on there (But don't take the cloth diaper cover, I want that!), so go check it out! The bidding starts TOMORROW at 9 - So don't miss out. 

Someone gets a chance at the greatest happiness + you get some killer deals on awesome things = greatest.thing.ever.


Kristin said...

you.are.awesome. :) Thank you!

Sarah said...

I know the Witts. They are friends with my sister and her husband. They have an amazing story and hopefully they get their little one! They deserve it!