Bean Museum

This seems like it was forever ago but I have been so lazy about posting pictures. It takes so dang long to upload them all and then figure out which ones actually worked/we don't look crazy in... But Hadley is actually asleep and Jake is gone so I'm running out of excuses.

About a month ago we went with our friends Matt, Courtney and their little guy JJ to the Bean Museum. If you've never been or never heard of it you probably aren't from Provo or didn't grow up here. I feel like its one of those places every provo family has been to on multiple occasions. All it is is free museum with a bunch of dead, stuffed animals - Perfect for kids and parents. Hadley LOVEs it. When we get to the top room there are just tons of animals heads (deer, moose, antelope, hippos, etc) one right after the other and it's like her dream come true. She shrieks down the whole isle - wanna see?

Cute right? 

Daddy - Daughter
 The Cheshire's 
 The Dads 
 Yah, we're those kinds of parents. Don't report us please..
Me & Hadipug

We had fun, and so did the kiddos - which was the point. Thanks to Matt and Courtney for inviting us!

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