Cow Appreciation Day

At Chick-fil-a today if you dressed up like a cow you got free food! We couldn't not go - free food? Chick-fil-a? Yah right - it was a must. So we dressed up the kiddos and went. What's even greater is that I got a free meal and Hadley got a free kids meal... which means I got a free meal and I got a free kids meal. Ahh the joys of having a little baby :) 

I didn't get great pictures since Hadley didn't think having paper attached to her body and on her headband was the greatest idea, so she put an end to that pretty quick. But oh well, you get the picture, right? Adorable.

Cousins - Presley and Brinley

 Those ears lasted about 4 1/2 seconds, if that.
 I promise I was wearing black cow spots (you can see one popping out of Hadley's shoulder)and a sign but Hadley ripped them off while ripping the sign at about the same time. So we gave up and just took the picture.

*Oh and you Deaf Studies kids will appreciate this. While we were at the mall we ran into Matt Snarr (one of my old professors) and I had a quick convo with him. Brinley was standing by me and looked really confused while we were signing. She asked afterwards why we were doing "that" and I explained her that he was Deaf and Deaf people use sign language. She thought for a minute, the said "Oh, cuz he talked to all of you (my classmates), so now he's Deaf? :) Oh the mind of a 4 year old.*

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