Farm Country

If you have little kids and you live here in Utah - Go to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point! We had a blast and its only 5 dollars per adult, and then kids under 3 are free. Miss Hadley has a slight obsession with animals so this was heaven for her. Pony rides, cows, big and little tiny goats (oooooo so cute - wish I would have gotten a picture..), chickens, llamas, ducks - You get the picture right? 


So great. Go. Now. Or come with us next time we go!

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Jeannette & Brandt said...

We just went to something similar for Peyton's bday and it was such a blast! I love places like this. And dont you just LOVE having kids...seriously it makes everything so much more fun. I love watching their little faces as they light up when they first discover something. We have the same floaty that you have for Hadley and we love it. Paisley just loves chilling in it. We have a pool at our apartment and we go every day!!