Fourth of July {Part 2}

Our 2nd celebration on the actual 4th of July was just as wonderful as part 1. We started out (by getting a FULL NIGHTS SLEEP! don't worry, it didn't last. But we got a couple nights of SLEEP! Oh glorious sleep..) with a quick trip up to Jakes parents house, then followed up with a BBQ at my parent's get-together. It is so nice to spend holidays with family - nothing better. Also, the aerial fireworks being legalized was the best thing ever to happen to our 4th of July experience. My parents live up on top of a hill and you can literally see the entire Utah Valley. Which means we had a 30 minute huge fire work show all over the valley that cost us nothing. Yup - so great. 

Now, once again, cue the roll of more pictures than I should ever put in one post:

Drivin to the Rugg's
Dad let her drive down the road - don't report us please :)
Cousin lovin - I love how much these girls love each other

My dad's mom, Hadley, and my dad. If you only knew how rare this is to actually get my grandma in a picture..
 Hadley and Ryker - these two are only 6 months apart. I can't wait for them to be just a tiny bit bigger cuz they are gonna have SO much fun! (if Hadley will stop stealing Ryker's toys from him...)
 Fun with Grandpa - these girls adore their grandpa!
Getting ready for fireworks...
Our fireworks show :)

All in all, we had a great 4th of July weekend - Hope your was equally fabulous!

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