More, please

Hadley can sign! Can I say that if she can only sign one word? I say yes. So there.
A few months ago she started doing a sign similar to "milk" to mean "more" or "i want that thank you very much." (That is the first part of the video where she is eating the banana). I was freeeeeeeaaakking out.  So much that Hadley probably would have said "Mom, get a grip of yourself" if she could have talked. And then just the other day I was feeding her some food and she did the real sign - the real thing! I was freaking out. again. probably not as much as the first time but I was still uber excited. In case care to, take a peek!

Signing "more" from danica rugg on Vimeo.


Petersons said...

GO HADLEY!!!! it is SOOOOO wonderful when they can finally communicate in ANYTHING other than screams!

Katy said...

So cute! I love how she gums it to death. :)