Thank You Harry Potter

After seeing the last Harry Potter movie, I can’t believe it’s over! The past months, and especially weeks, have been filled with pictures, quotes, blog posts and memories all about “The boy who lived” and this magical story coming to an end. I am no exception. I had mixed emotions about the premiere of this last movie simply because I couldn’t handle the thought that all this was finally going to be over. It may sound silly but Harry Potter was so much more to me than just a book about a magical world and good defeating evil. Harry Potter, to those of us who “believed” was a tangible, magical world that existed all around us. From the very beginning when we first went to Hogwarts with all the first years, to then returning every year with new adventures and rules to break, to the very end, it was something real and magical with lessons that we actually learned from.  

Harry, Ron and Hermione taught what the true meaning of friendship is and how to count on those around us in the worst of times. Dumbledore taught us that love is what sets us a part and makes us special, and that we are lucky to have it on our side. It is what makes all the difference in the end, whether we can love or not. Dobby taught us all that no matter who we are – we are all equal and we decide which side we will serve. He also taught us how to be a friend.  We learned from Harry’s parents, Serius, Dumbledore, and everyone else who died that those we love, who pass on, never really leave us and are always there watching out for us. Fred and George showed us to never take ourselves too seriously, and that laughter is one of the greatest helps when spirits are low. Voldermort showed us how easily an obsession with power can lead us down a terrible path. Wonderful Hagrid demonstrated so well how to be loyal and care about those around you – human or animal.  Nevil reminded all of us that no matter how scared we may be at times – we are brave. We choose who we want to be and we don’t have to live according to the labels of those around us. And what matters in the end, whether we live or die, is that we stood up for our friends and what we believed in. Luna taught to be yourself, because there is nothing more strange, or more beautiful than that. And Snape – oh Snape. He was the perfect example of true love and bravery in the face of the greatest evil.

How can all of that not be real? Surely just because the last movie has been made, it does not mean that all of this must be forgotten. This magical world that we’ve been apart of inside our heads and hearts doesn’t have to stop being. Our childhood can live on because we can carry it with us and give it from generation to generation. And that right there is what makes this day not so sad – because I have those moments to look forward to with my children, while we are reading before bed, and they are begging me to read just one more chapter. They too might hope one day that their own Hogwarts letter will come, or wonder if each owl they see might belong to a wizard somewhere. Will they wonder over and over till the end which side Snape is really on?. Will they gasp like I did when they find our who Ron’s rat really is? Or will they cry when Dumbledore and Dobby die just like I did? That is something I cannot wait to find out.

Luckily I have Jim Dales voice to bring the characters and book to life at the click of a button. And while I re-live these stories over and over, I will take pride in the fact that I was a part of the start of something that never has been before, and never will be again.

Thanks for everything Harry Potter – Until next time around.

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rachel! said...

So beautiful, so well written - LOVE it!