This past weekend, while my family went up to Idaho, we stayed at their place to watch the animals. It was fun pretending that we actually had a house - and that crazy, insane party we threw was fun too (what mom and dad? You read this blog? We didn't throw any parties...).

Hadley very much enjoyed herself chasing after the cats all day and getting licked all over by the dogs. That girl was in heaven. I randomly snapped a few photos over the weekend, and now that I look back at them, I am sort of noticing a pattern... See if you can spot it.

Sort of obsessed, that one. Oh and lets not forget when she ate dog food, cat food, AND cat barf. I'm throwing up just thinking about it. 

We are happy to be back in our king size bed.. but I think miss Hadipug is going to miss those 4 happy animal faces when she wakes up tomorrow morning.

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