You are beautiful, and you are enough.

I've been thinking about this subject for a while now.. Mostly because it's effects are everywhere around me, and I now have more than just myself to worry about it affecting.

All over on Pinterest (I promise I'm not trying to point fingers or attack anyone with this) I see people's
"Inspiration" boards filled with pictures of skinny, super fit woman with comments like "I wish I looked like this" or "One day..." I know that I think the same thing sometimes when I look at all of those pictures. But a few years back I went to a lecture at my school for extra credit, and it completely changed the way I view things. Thank goodness too. Now looking back I can see that I was headed in a pretty scary direction with the way I was thinking. I still have the same thoughts sometimes, but I can at least recognize them for what they are instead of believing them. It breaks my heart to hear/see so many girls and so many of my friends constantly comparing their bodies to what they think is ideal, and hating themselves for not having achieved that. I just want to scream that the "ideal" just isn't possible! And it is not worth the time, energy, or self-destruction trying to get there. Now I am not saying eating healthier and a good workout are not good things. Because they are - and I think most of us agree that we could all be a little better about that. But there is a very big difference between doing those things to be skinny/perfect, and doing those things to be healthy. Believe me - doing them to be HEALTHY will change the way you view your workouts and also yourself.

I stumbled across these two videos today and I'm so glad I did - both of these were showed in the lecture I went to and I am happy to have them where I can find them.

Now that I have Hadley, all of this hits me 10 times harder. I don't want her to hate her body like I have. I don't want her to go through high school constantly looking at every girl thinking "man if I could just get rid of my love handles, I would look like her and then I would be happy." Or even worse, expecting other people to think the same things about themselves. I know she will have her own struggles and that she will be bombarded with the same images and false information that I was - and probably more. But I just want to do everything that I possibly can to ensure that she knows that I think she is already perfect exactly how she is. Because she is. Obsessing about weight and looks (this includes all of us who think we are not good enough because we don't wear the most fashionable things) will only leave you in a place filled with doubt, guilt, and sadness. Not to mention more obsessing. I don't want that for my daughter. I don't want that for my friends. And I don't want that for me. Please - try and love yourself for the way you are now. Today when you look in the mirror, instead of looking straight to your "trouble spots" and acknowledging first what is wrong with you, tell yourself you are beautiful. Find one thing that you can love about yourself. And if you can't do that - tell yourself that you are beautiful and that you are enough over and over until you can find something. Because there is something there that is beautiful - and ALL of us ARE enough. So don't forget it.


matt said...

Nicely said.

derek and kimber said...

This made me tear up. Thank you for this. I always try to tell people this but it never comes out just right. This was worded wonderfully. You area awesome Dani. I hope you know how much I admire you as a momma and wife (not to me, of course - but you knew what I meant haha) Really though, You were meant to be Hadley's mom. I can tell by every word to write to her. You are wonderful!