*Sigh...* Where has my desire to blog gone? Out the window pretty much. these days. Sometimes I feel like all I do on here is talk about miss Hadipug, but then I step back and realize: What else is there? That sweet thang is my life. And no complaints here. The mr. and I can't get enough of that baby.

in thirteen days I will have a one year old *brainfrizzlinginshockanddenial* I won't let myself think too much about it though because then my crazy mom hormones kick in and I think of what it will be like to walk in her room the morning of her birthday and realize that she is one. ONE. my heart is breaking, literally. And yet she has never been in a funner stage than she is now.

I want to resemble this girl - minus the pregnant part. Oh how I do not wish to be pregnant at this moment.. although I am strangely excited by the thought of birth again - Crazy? Psychotic? yes. I would like to, right now, start up a fund where all of you donate beautiful clothes for me to wear and then I will take pretty pictures in them and pretend I am a fashion blogger. Ha! Heavy emphasis on the pretend part. However, if we are going off of what my "clothing" pinterest board says, I am a very well dressed person, thank you very much.

My brain is powering off. I making sense my brain is? Huh? blerg. Time to shut it down folks, time to shut. it. down. Here's to the freakin' weekend. 

Nope. Cuz it's only Thursday.


Kristin said...

this was fabulous. lol. every last bit of it.

Mrs. Osmond said...

Haha you are great danica! And that pictures is adorable! I totally completely understand the feelings of having a one year old. BUt it is such a fun age and I love it. ps i can't believe she is already almost one. crazy.

Steph said...

Um i wanna dress like that chick too!! Hadley is so cute I can't believe she is almost 1 either!! Its sad when babies get older that why you should just have another :)

derek and kimber said...

I love this. I love you! and I LOVE that photo of you two!