The last one, I promise.

Alright, let's finish this last birthday post and be done with it. Maybe then I can get myself back into some good ol' regular blogging. We'll see..

So Hadley's birthday party was a little bit insane. I decide early on that I am no party planner and that I was just going to keep it super simple so that I wasn't stressed out with details like place cards and dessert tables for my little one year old. I know others can do it, but I get overwhelmed by the thought of it. So I decided on Elmo cupcakes, and finger painting for the kids. Thats IT. easy right? ohhh ho ho no. I was a wreck leading up to it, but that is mostly the cupcakes fault. I don't want to relive the nightmare, but lets just say that everything that could go wrong, did. including the frosting back exploding all over finished cupcakes, and my fridge leaking water on the cupcakes overnight. Yah. I don't want to think about it anymore.

Luckily, by the end of it all I could have cared less what they looked like and just wanted to get it over with. Which is probably why I don't have a "finished product" picture. Oh well. The actual party was great and Hadley had a good time - which is all that matters. I'm really glad we ended up doing her party after her actual birthday thought. Because if I would have been that stressed out and upset on her actual birthday, I would have been pretty bummed that I missed out on enjoying that special day with her. So I guess the lesson is actual birthday=as low key as possible. Then go crazy if you so desire for the party. 

Hadley's painting
Wearing all her bows at once.. Thanks Steph!

She didn't really appreciate jake holding her back from the cupcake..

Jake stuffed all the wrapping papers down their shirts

Happy Birthday {again} to Miss Hadipug -- Hope you loved your birthday week!

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Seth + Carlie said...

That Elmo cupcake on her high chair looked like it turned out really good! Looks like a fun birthday!