This Girl

This girl used to fit in those jammies when she was all of 6 lbs 14 oz.. And tomorrow she will be one. I'm apologizing now - get ready for a whole weeks worth of posts related to her birthday and me not coping with life. And lots and lots of mom feelings. Oh get ready for the mom feelings. And if you have had enough and feel like you are up to your ears in baby pictures/me blabbing over and over about my crazy mom emotions, it's probably best if you just take a week off from this blog. Tune back in when my tears are fewer, the shock has worn off and the party remains have been all cleaned up. Don't worry, I won't be offended. I just can't help myself!


Seth + Carlie said...

I can not believe how big she is now! Happy Birthday Hadley (tomorrow)!

in morse code said...

ONE??? holy smokes time flies! Hey so i think i finally have a handle on how to "be out" with a baby so can we re-try to get together? It's best if we do things after 2 or 5. Work for you? let me know!!!