Food Choppers

Do you ever find yourself dreading making your little one a sandwich, simply because you don't want to rip in into pieces getting peanut butter-jelly mixture all over your hands? Or have melted, greasy, cheesy whatever strung all across your fingers? Me too. But look no further! I have the answer. And it's a good one.

For only one payment of whatever your local Walmart charges, you can now own this wonderful new invention of mine:

"Food Choppers"

Simply hold your sandwhich/quesadilla/etc. in your hand, and with the other, use the Food Choppers to easily cut the food into little squares without getting your hand the least bit dirty. Blammo! Then go and brag to everyone you know about how genius you are, and no one else will care. Except for me - because I think it is pretty dang genius.


Katy said...

Amazingly inginuitive! You could make millions! I just use a boring "rolly blade" that my husband calls a pizza cutter. It gets kinda goopy though, I like yours better

Seth + Carlie said...

hahah that is awesome!

Alex said...

You may have just changed my life :)