Happy {late} Birthday Pressy!

Presley's Birthday was August 27th. It's October. Just go with it. 
This sweet girl turned two and we were so excited to spend the day with her. We went to the ZOO! And we all know how excited I get about that place. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Because its the ZOO. And because of the birthday thing.
 Have you seen the new Dino exhibit they've got going on? I thought it was fantastic - especially the ones that spray water on you. But as you can tell by the next picture, Presley didn't agree.

Loving the monkeys

Brinley being a gorilla

 ohhhh noooo :) If you only knew how many times I had to convince her that the dinosaur wasn't real and that it wasn't going to eat her if she put her head in its mouth.. Which explains the nervous/scared giggling.

Rough life..

Birthday party time!:

 Yah, that is Presley's present. Hadley spent more time with that thing than Presley even got the chance to.
"Why did you stop pushing me?" followed by sobs of "daaad is noott pushhing meeee"

We hope you had a great birthday Miss Pressy - We love you SO much and we are so happy you are in our family!

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Seth + Carlie said...

Your family makes some cute kids!