It's the little things..

Have you noticed that the best times/memories happen without being planned? It always seems that the times when you actually plan out something out-of-this-world-creative-and-fantastic, you have such high hopes and expectations for it that it ends up falling short of what you had envisioned. I am always trying to think of fun things for Hadley to do, or focused on bigger and better things that sometimes I forget how great the little day-to-day stuff is. Take the other day for example: I was washing dishes that had been crowding my counters, sink and stove for much to long, when Hadley woke up from her nap. Dang it. Kid awake = no chores getting done. Turns out though she wanted to help (maybe she was sick of looking at the mountain-high pile of dishes too?). I knew saying no would have resulted in a not so fun meltdown, so I figured what the heck?

We could not have had a more fun afternoon. Even when she repeatedly tried to drink the soapy water, and started sucking on the rag that had been sitting in the sink for as long as the dishes had (go ahead and throw up), we still managed to make it out very happy. And I was even able to wash the rest of the dishes - Blammo! Points to me.

Also, today when I was going out to get the mail, Hadley freaked about seeing the outside world and wanted nothing more than to run around on the freezing cold, wet, sidewalk and grass. So, what the heck. We did. And yah, her jammies were completely soaked and black, and her extremities were practically frozen off. But you should have seen the look of pride and joy on her face as her little footed feet walked all around the apartment complex sidewalk and all throughout the grass. Pure joy. 

Those are the things I never want to forget.


Lauren said...

Seriously, every time I see this little missy I can't get over how freakin' cute she is. I hope I can meet her one day soon!

Kristin said...

this is perfection. this is what i hope to have every single day. simplicity.