Perfectly Unperfected

"You cannot be a healthy person, let alone hope for healthy children, if you sigh and moan every time you encounter your own image, eat a cookie, or see an airbrushed model on a billboard.  Even if it amounts to wholesale pretending, go pretend.  Walk around pretending to be a woman who likes her body… Because every step toward self-love you take, and every inch of confidence you give someone’s daughter, makes the world a better place….
You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.  And you are beautiful."
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Jeannette & Brandt said...

Thanks Dani, I needed to read this today.

Seth + Carlie said...

Love this! It is so true. Now when I flip through magazines it grosses me out to think how much airbrushing is done on the models. Inner beauty is so much more important!

rachel! said...

yay :)