Halloween 2011

 It's throwing me off a bit that it is already November. November, people! That month everyone rushes through putting up their christmas lights and listening to holdays tunes waaaaayy too early - and before you know it it's Christmas and I am 24. Holy freak. I shall just accept it and move on, what else can you do? Focus on the past and look at Halloween pictures, that's what.

This year Jake was Ron, I was Hermione, and Hadley was Hedwig. Hadley's we actually put effort into, while me and Jake's were kinda thrown together at the last minute. And I see that tradition continuing on into the future...

Hadi with the pumpkins we never carved... woops
 Her costume wasn't done in time for the ward party so she borrowed Brinley and Presley's old costume and went as a bug. And I can't get enough to this picture :)

 She thinks I am crazy - I'm sure of it.

 Cousins! Can you guess who didn't want her picture taken?
 Sadly this is like the only picture we got in our costumes together. Jake had a sweater that he wore on top of that and then Hadley had ears. Oh well. At least you know I wasn't lying when I said we dressed up.

 Her trick-or-treating loot
 Disco Hedwig :)

Happy Halloween!


Carlie said...

You three make such a cute Ron Family (I can't remember Ron's last name haha).

Jeannette & Brandt said...

That is the cutest costume ever!!!!!!

Steph said...

ahh love that owl costume!! Did you make it? Her silver flats are so cute! Stella has the same pair and I'm waiting for her feet to get big enough! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!