I found out about this website today called StumbleUpon. It takes you to a bunch of different websites based on your "likes." For example, this morning when I was on it it took my to a couple crafting websites, and then to an adorable collection of lots and lots of puppy dogs. This thing already knows me so well.

If you sign up though and get 5 friends to sign up, you get a $10 amazon gift card FREE! Free people! That screams Christmas shopping to me. So I am mainly blogging about this so that I can buy Christmas presents with the gift card, BUT it turns out I think I will actually use this website. I forgot to mention above that it brought me to this website where you draw a stickman and this whole story to go along with it - What the cool?!

Take a look at it! It's free to sign up and it takes like 30 seconds literally. So. Easy. 
Click here to sign up.

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