Christmas Highlights

Goodness. I can't believe Christmas has come and gone! I feel like I am on a fast moving train and I still haven't gotten off. We've been running around like crazy and it's been wonderful. But one of these days I am going to need to breathe! Jake is lucky enough to be able to take off Christmas until January 3rd, and me and Hadi have loved having him around. I wonder what she is going to do with suddenly Dad isn't there in the mornings with us?

Back to Christmas. Ours was wonderful and I hope yours was too. It was a little chaotic, but good. We spent Christmas Eve with Jakes family (of course I was too busy with Hadi that I don't have any pictures, darn it.) and had a great time with them. She is the first grandbaby/niece on his side so she got a very spoiled Elmo christmas.  It's cute to see how much they all adore her. What wasn't cute probably was watching me scarf down the deep fried Turkey his Dad made. That stuff was good.

Christmas day was with my family up at my Mom and Dad's. We started some new traditions now that we have Hadi, and I am so excited to keep adding to them as she gets older. We had a million pictures throughout the day, so I will try to post the highlights.. Although don't get too mad when the highlights end up being like 13 pictures.

 My gorgeous locket from Jake. He got it here and the inside reads "be right here." I am obsessed.
 Elmo slippers
 Elmo drum from Uncle Nick
 Christmas p.j.'s
 Mine and Hadi's presents
traditional picture on the stairs. And even though Madi is in New York, we still got her in the picture with us. 
 Justin Bieber toothbrushes!
 Missy opening her presents via Google Plus
 You are allowed to disagree, but I'm pretty sure this was about the cutest thing in the world. Elmo jammies, belle dress up, and elmo back pack. Sometimes I can't even handle her cuteness.
 Ryker and Buzz
 Jake with his surprise autographed Austin Collie jersey
 Play kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa
Someone got into the Barbie makeup...

*Happy Holidays!*

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