Happy Happy Burfday

Guess who has a birthday today??

This girl! And that girl. Both girls, in fact. I'm lucky every year to share my birthday with that lady. We all took a trip to Build-a-bear so that, naturally, Hadley could get a present for my birthday. Sounds about right.
Birthday Girl
Brin and "Barbie"
 Pressy and "Bunny"

 Ryker and his "Buzz buzz"
Hadi's Boxer puppy

 So far my presents have been money for clothes, a mystery present from Jake that hasn't arrived in the mail yet, a Signing Time instructors kit from my parents, and this gem from Missy:

I could not love 30 rock more. She knows me too well. The funny thing was that I had already made plans to make her the exact same thing for her birthday in May. Ha. And guess what? She's still getting it.

Tonight will be filled with Eclair cake via my wonderful mom, cupcakes and a "Tangled" tower via Kira (thats why 2 birthday in one day is so great - double the dessert!), some Skype with Madi, and little Hadley who possible has hand foot and mouth disease - again. That girl has good timing, I will give her that.

Hope you all have a great day, in honor of my 24th Birthday! I give you full permission to celebrate, so go eat lots of calories - Better yet, come eat them with me!

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Carlie said...

Happy Birthday Dani! I hope you have a great day!!!!!!! (I think I have said this on every form of technology I know you on-cell, facebook, and blog! haha)