Happy Thanksgiving

Wrong holiday, I know. I sort of needed to get these up before Christmas though before all the craziness starts. Christmas Eve, Christmas, my birthday AND New Years. Holy freak. So yah... excuse the pictures from November.

We continued our annual tradition of going to the zoo on Thanksgiving and this year was one of my favorite years (besides the one where I got engaged of course.) These things are just so much more fun with a kid who is old enough to get excited. I love it. My camera battery, however, thought otherwise so it died early on in the trip. Oh well, we got a few:

Ha, 4 pictures before we even got into the zoo and one of the inside. Great documentation. Also can we talk about how Hadley has gloves on that are about the size of a 12 year olds hands? Yeah.. At least her hands are warm. And we made up for it by getting sucked into buying her a monkey from the overly-priced zoo shop at the end of the trip because "it was soooo cute" and "hadley lovvvveedd the monkeys!" (my argument to Jake on why she needed to have it). She's a first kid though, it kind of comes with the territory, right?

Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful and got documented a little sooner than ours did.

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