Mon Voyage en Europe

Did you know I've been to Europe? Best graduation present ever (Thanks Mom & Dad). This all happened pre-blog time so the pictures never made it anywhere near here. But I recently came across one of the memory cards I used over there and got all excited and wanted to post a few of the highlights. And by "a few" I mean 18. Join me down memory lane, won't you?

 Notre Dame
 Look at that cute lil' guy
 Eiffel Tower view
 Le tour d'eiffel
 Anyone who serves potato wedges is a friend in my book
 My aunt Jan and I (did you know I was named after her? Yep - Danica Jan) outside La Louvre
 Florence, Italy. My first site of Gelato. Love at first site.
 Italy - Gorgeous, no?
 The Colosseum 
 You cannot wear swimsuit/underwear things in The Vatican.
The uncovered city of Pompeii underneath Mt. Vesuvius. The was my favorite part of the entire trip
 Pompeii - someone's house
 another cute little guy
 On the way to the airport in Italy.

*Sigh* I can't wait to go back someday with Jake. 

At the end of the memory card I found some other oldies - Look high tiny Brinley is! Gah, I can't believe she was ever really that small.

 And look how little we are! Haha and how sad and lonely Madi looks. She was photo bombing before it was cool.


Jeannette & Brandt said...

Was this your graduation present for highschool? That is SO cool that your parents did that for you. I cant wait to go there some day as well! It is beautiful. I think I will love the Pompeii site too!

rachel! said...

Madi is such a hipster! I'm jealous, I haven't spent hardly any time in Europe. Someday!

Carlie said...

What a great graduation present! I think out parents think alike, because that's what I did too. It is always fun to go through pictures again!

in morse code said...

Europe? Seriously? Dang girl! love the pics!