A Note

sicko baby
A note to my miss Hadi:

The past day and night you've had some sort of weird flu bug which has resulted in you barfing - and mostly on me it seems. The first time it went straight down my shirt. Like, a few drops on the floor, and the rest of everything in your stomach caught right down in my bra. Yum. And I am fine with it because I'm your mom and your my baby and it's totally cool. No hard feelings. But I just want you to know, that in the future, when you are a teenager and you are all moody and telling me how I never do anything for you and how I have ruined your life (which, lets face it, it's going to happen because that is just how teenagers are), we are both going to sit down and remember the time when I caught your barf in my shirt, and I was fine with it. And then you will say something to the effect of "you are right mom, you haven't ruined my life. You are the best mom in the world. I am sorry for barfing down your shirt. Now let me go make you some popcorn (because I really, really love popcorn)." And all will be well in the Rugg household.


Holly Thaxton said...

you are such a cute Mommy! Sorry she is sick.. the same kind of flu bug hit our house this last week... :( Titan and Linkin .. and Mommy... On the bright side, I am now a PRO at cleaning up barf :) yah ..
good luck...

steph said...

:) the joys. I should document all the things my kids owe me a thanking for haha