"Carpe a couple of Kairoses a day."

Found this article from a friend on Facebook (Thanks Jen!). It was wonderful. I love being grateful for the good in my life, especially the little girl who has brought the most incredible goodness to my life. But I love the reminder that if every second of every day I don't feel grateful, that's okay too. Read to the end because that's where it really gets good.

Go here. I will wait.

Did you laugh out loud at the part about the liking the kid who was peeing in the corner? Me too - And I totally started tearing up when she talked about how time stands still in those "Karios" moments. I am lucky to have quite a few of those moments most days. Maybe that's just because I only have one kid, and she hasn't quite hit full-blown terrible two status. Maybe we still have it pretty easy (don't mention that to me at 2-3 in the morning.. it won't go over very well). Either that or I haven't gotten over the shock of what an incredible little girl Jake and I have been blessed with. 

Hm, it feels a little ironic that I am ending a post discussing the fact that it's okay to not be constantly in a state of perfect gratefulness by saying how grateful I am. Oh well. It was a good effort.

Now go "carper a couple of Kairoses a day." Because we are all doing the very best we can, and I would say our best is pretty darn good.


Leslie said...

thank you for the link I loved that article! Really needing that today haha!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I am so glad you liked the article. I read it last night and just LOVED it. This article is seriously the story of my life!

Kat said...

I found that article a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!! It helps put things into perspective!