My brain feels all scattered. And my body feels way too lazy to do anything about it.. So I imagine this post is going to seem a bit all over the place.

Today church was goood. You know how some days its great, and some days it's just okay, and then some days it's goood? That was today - for me at least (I got to enjoy relief society sans Hadley thanks to Jake, so he might rate the meeting a little lower than I did). One of the counselors in our Stake Presidency came to teach and answer questions that had previously been submitted. The spirit in that room was so strong as he was answering each of the questions. I felt the warm fuzzies for sure. There was just a peace and a calmness that seemed to wrap me up tight and assure me that everything in that moment was right. Sort of like wearing a Snuggie, i'd say. Good, happy feelings today.

Switching topics.. Onto Hoarders. We watched that show today for our first time. Let's just set a rule right here a now: Clean your house and eat any food before venturing into that show. The more we watched, the more I stared in horror at the toys/dishes/clothes scattered in various places of our house. I think I got up 5 or 6 different times just to wash a dish or fold a piece of laundry. I'm telling ya, that show messes with your mind. 

Word of caution: don't pour water into a glass pan that has been baking in your oven for the past 1/2 hour.   It will explode in your face.

What else? This post needs a picture, thats what. We'll go with one showing our support in unpaid child labor:

Yah, that'll do. 


derek and kimber said...

THIS was fantastic.. I don't care how scattered it was. :)

Carlie said...

She looks so cute!

And that would be scary to have a glass pan blow up in your face! That for the warning!