Breakout Kings

So we all know that I am a publicly open lover of t.v. It's pretty obvious. However a while back we got rid of our cable package in order to save some money, and at first I thought I would be devastated. I literally had at least one show every single night that I DVR'd - and of course Ellen every single afternoon. I was surprised though how much I didn't mind not having it though. In fact I really like it now. It's made me decide which shows are really worth finding the time to watch on our little basic channels (30 rock, Grey's and Ellen), and which shows I find the time to watch online (Parenthood). Other than that, Jake and I find t.v. series to watch together on Netflix after Hadi goes to bed, and call that good for our t.v. fix. I really love it. 

So I had to tell you all that to tell you this: Breakout Kings. Watch it. We just started the series (on Netflix) and we are hooked. It's sososososososososo good. Basically it's a group of cons who are "hired" to help catch people who break out of prison. So good. I don't know what I am going to do when we finish the 1st season (which is all Netflix has since the show is only in its 2nd season). Cry, eat a lot, complain on my blog... those are the most likely options. Just prepare yourselves.


Petersons said...

its sooooooo good! im watching what episodes they have from season 2 online... i decided its better than nothing!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Yay! Thanks for the recommendation! Have you ever watched Prison Break on Netflix? They have all the seasons and it is amazing as well! I think you and your hubs would LOVE it!

Brissa said...

WE REALLY ARE SOULMATES. i used to be obsessed with parenthood. OBSESSED. like bawling. but then school got busy. i need to catch up.
and breakout kings?! i've only seen a few of the most recent episodes, but it's amazing! i know if i start at the beginning i'll get addicted.
30 rock is life.