I have issues.

Poor little ants.

Clearly, that is obvious. My house is being taken over by bugs - mainly ants and spiders. *shudder* This morning that half-a-sandwich Hadley discretely threw under the table last night without me noticing was covered in little black ants and a trail leading back to the wall. Gross, no? Kill them, right? But when I got my cleaner to drench them, I started hearing little high-pitched ant voices saying "good work!" to each other and giving little itty bitty ant high fives as they passed.  Such good teamwork they have! How can I squash little ant high fives from happening? I mean, I did it, but I felt so guilty.

Clearly, I have issues. And this needs to be stopped. Because I can't keep dealing with the "Heave-ho!" I'm imagining coming from the corner of my wall when I am supposed to be killing them. Someone come spray my house, puh-leeeeaaaase.


Dave and Lizzie said...

We had a village of ants at our house until late last year. We sprayed with some inexpensive stuff that Dave bought and I haven't seen an ant since. I'll find out what it's called and let you know if you're interested.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

oooooh my gosh...that is seriously hilarious! We just watched Ant Bully last night...do not watch it!