Love you Grandpa.

We lost my sweet Grandpa this week. After being home 24 hours from our vacation in St George, we got the call that he was passing quickly and jumped in the car to head up to Idaho. Good thing I didn't unpack from St George, right? I guess procrastination is worth something after all. 

Our wedding (obviously), 2009

My mom and aunt were 5 minutes too late, and we were about 15 minutes behind them. That was pretty heartbreaking to see. He's been in bad shape for a long time, and frankly quite miserable, but we all thought he would be coming home from the hospital the next day to keep riding things out. Walking in his hospital room and seeing his body lying there cemented in my mind how quickly the body becomes just that, a body, after the spirit leaves. That wasn't my Grandpa lying there - my Grandpa was walking around happily somewhere with both legs. 

Thanksgiving, 2010. First time meeting Hadley

This type of situation always reminds you why family is so important, and I am grateful to have mine forever. I'll miss him, that's for sure. I'll miss the smell of his aftershave (or whatever it was), giving him hugs and trying to get my arms all the way around him, watching him watch his great-grandkids running around, seeing him all dressed up and ready for church in his suspenders, and just knowing that he would be sitting there waiting in his wheelchair when we pulled up to to their home in Soda Springs. But I am happy he is finally free from all of his physical limitations.

March 2012. Last time seeing him

Love you Grandpa! Stay close if you can. We can't wait to see you again.


Brissa said...

oh, i'm so sorry for your loss. so, so sorry. but you're right. families are forever and that makes it an easier burden to bear. and at least you got to see him last month! tell him you loved him and hug him. family is forever.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I am so sorry Danica. That is so hard. But I am so grateful that we have the gospel and know that we will see our family again. And yay for Soda Springs! I still remember seeing you in my grandpa's gas station...soo weird!

Carlie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! I agree with the two girls above me about being grateful for the gospel and knowing you will see him again! Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!