Memory Lane in Maryland

Happy Wednesday. Good heck it took a long time to get half way through this week. Blaahhhhhh sickness is the.worst. Although I've got this little gem to brighten my day. My seester Madi got to visit our childhood home in Baltimore this past week and we collaborated in posting a trip down memory lane. It's one of those things no one else would care about but your family, but my gosh it is wonderful. And just because I am that great I am posting it on here to let you all see what it was like to live in my past:

While visiting Baltimore we dove by the childhood home that contributed to all of my homeschooled awkwardness.

Memories kept flooding in and im sure my friends got sick of me saying the word nostalgic constantly in a high pitch voice.

Like the time the boy from down the street kept fliging his hamsters in the air and I felt so sick for the little guys?

Or the time when I wasn't quite asleep and my dad came in to put a dollar under my pillow and take my tooth and I just pretened I was still asleep. And then for another few months I kept pretending the tooth fairy (and santa calus)(and the easter bunny) were real until I moved to utah called my parents out on it. My moms response to me asking "if the tooth fairy isnt real than santa and the easter bunny cant be either right?" was " well.. what do you think..?"I THINK THAT DAD IS THE LITTLE WINGED CREATURE I THOUGHT WAS THE TOOTH FAIRY MY WHOLE LIFE MOM.- Classic Jill response.

And the nights when my parents would let me and my sisters sleep in their walk incloset and I would sleep next to my dads shoes that always smelled freshly polished.

Or when those girls told me there were lions in the sewer man holes and I still to this day think about that every time I pass one.

Or the time I cried over feeling bad for taking the last dounut .
Getting emotional over food is somthing that has only increased over time.

And that favorite time Kira threw a mathbook at Danica's head?

Danica, Kira, any more memories to add?


I should have asked my sisters prior to putting up my latest post because another flood of memories came in fromt the two of them.
These are mainly for my family to read but there are some gems in the midst of them I think you will all enjoy.


The fact that we BOTH found out Santa and all that bizniz wasn't real in Maryland. Dad took me to our storage unit Christmas Eve (all serial killer-like) and told me it wasn't real. And then I thought I was so cool and talked to you like a baby saying things like "ohhhhhhhh Madi let's hurry and go to sleep so that SANTA can come!" - I looked like a fool i am sure.

or when me and Kelly made a tree house/fort in the bushes behind her house.

Or when I was at Kelly's house and we were watching some show on T.V. that was playing the song "truly, madly, deeply," and I tried to talk really loud everytime it said the sentence "I wanna bathe with you in the sea" because I was all embarrassed.

Or that Brian kid who always had Rugrat fruit snacks.

Or those nasty nasty kids (the hamster ones) that took me down into their bedroom and told me realllllly gross things. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and then didn't one of us kick one of them in the crotch? I'm pretty sure that happened.

Also, me setting up my stuffed animal Dalmatians on my bed every morning like they were all playing with each other.

Or when we were driving in that black Suburban and I was laughing SO hard because I made changed the saying for Payless to "Pay more - Buy less" and I thought I was the funniest person ever. And I think you all were laughing too....

And finally, that kid who told me I sounded like a dying cat when I coughed when I had croup. Speaking of croup - when I had that kira made me cream of chicken soup to eat and I ate that nasty stuff and thought it was GOOD. wtf.

And now for Kira:

Mike and his HUGE stuffed animal beaver. I believe it was hot pink.

Me thinking i was really cool cause i was friends with the black kid who lived across the street.

Me and those ridiculously big t-shirts from the loony tunes store, and that attitude ones.. wtf was i thinking???

Telling you guys how horrible utah was going to be because they didnt have REAL rap music there.

The Shapiro kids ratting me out for smoking in that field by their house with brian and mike. 

Danica's room being overtaken by dalmatian stuffed animals and little figurines. 

Studying and going to see all those canadian geese in the wild. still when i see geese i think they should only be in maryland because i remember thinking we were really special that we got to see them!

Going to the aquarium and seeing the jelly fish and then when we were done and we went outside to the pier there were thousands of little jelly fish they had dumped out into the water.

Thinking i was really cool for dating a kid who over the summer went to the X games with his dad.. like some how it made me cool by association?

*for the record i have no memory of throwing a math book at danica's head so it must not have happened.*


*for the record - you were smoking who knows what so you wouldn't have remembered it. So it must have happened.*

Also this..

*Another Update*

 smwaters said...

What about Hannah calling through the vents? That's where you all learned the benefits of the "Dad's too cheap to buy a" home intercom system. We continued to use that system in Utah.

How about when I took you girls to a Baltimore Orioles game and it went in to extra innings and we got home really late -- I made you leave before the game was over because I had to work the next day. You girls were on the jumbotron when the camera panned the fans in the stands -- you were dancing and having a blast.

Then there were the hikes along the C&O Canal, trips into Washington DC, trips to my work in the National Geographic Building, trips to IKEA (the first we learned of that store), trying to hold our breath as we went drove the 1.5 miles through the Baltimore Tunnel, and the occasional trips back to North Carolina to see the Pecks (where Steve and I would go to the Waffle House late at night after the kids all went to bed).

And for the record, Kira did throw a book at Dani's head. I don't remember if it was a math book or not.

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Lauren said...

I like how I don't understand any of this but yet I can't stop laughing at them. It's so funny how our memories as children are so funny.