Some thoughts on a Friday

Let's talk about for a moment how fun it is to not have a driver's side window and wake up to snow falling outside. Hadi and I look like bundled up eskimos everywhere we drive.

Speaking of snow, it might have made most Utahn's a little angry, but it sure made this little person's whole entire day:

Another Danica I happen to know (which having the name automatically makes her cool) wrote a lovely little post about PDA which included this video. I can't stop watching it.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the intense love that is in me for this baby girl. Rocking her/nursing her to sleep at night and realizing I never know how much time I really have with her makes me a big ball of emotions. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given the gift of her being a part of our family. And knowing she is mine forever gives me some peace. If only I could spill out in words what I am actually feeling.

Maybe I am crazy, but when I found Hadi's toys in unsuspecting places (her "bug" on the keyboard, her elmo at the bottom of my sheets, her phone in my pots, rocks on my pillow) it makes my heart smile. Maybe one day it will just be another cause of frustration but I hope not. It's like a little path of what made her happy that day, and I like seeing the world through her eyes.

If you think your kid/you might have some medical problem, don't google search images of it. Just don't.

It's a good thing Easter only comes once a year. I have already devoured an entire bag of cookies and creme eggs almost entirely by myself. And when I say "almost entirely," thats a complete exaggeration. Because I think Jake had one. Maybe two. Now that it's gone I've moved on to the bag of Kit Kats. For the sake of all thats good and holy (which is a lot of things), it's so good Easter is once a year.

Happy Easter weekend! Here's to lots and lots of candy filled eggs fist fulls of carrot cake.


Jessie said...

There really are no words to describe how moms feel about their babies. It just runs too deep. Happy Easter!

Katy said...

haha! love that video. thanks for sharing

Jeannette & Brandt said...

that video is genius...hahaha! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way about my kids. I just look at them and get emotional. And then it makes me want to have even more kids because I love them SO much that I want more...if that makes any sense at all. Tonight I made lemon bars and when I reached into the cupboard to get a bowl I found some fridge animal magnets in the bowls and measuring cups and I just laughed. I love finding their toys in all of their special places too. Also, while I was getting dinner ready my girls wandered off into their bedroom. A couple minutes later I could hear them giggling so I went to go investigate and I found them pulling all of their clothes out of the dresser and putting them into the bathroom cabinets. Peyton said, "Hi mommy, we're cleaning!" It was pretty much adorable. So I left their clothes there because it made me happy :) Being a mom is seriously the BEST!

Sierra said...

Haha your writing cracks me up!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Danica Holdaway said...

Hahaha I just saw this. I'm glad you enjoyed it!