Family Flashback

One of the best parts of being up in Idaho the past few days was pulling out old photo albums we'd never seen and laughing or crying while flipping through them (many times the tears or laughs were directed at old outfits/hair-do's/etc). So much happiness! They start out pretty old - but if you stick with it to the bottom there are a few gems of some you might recognize. 

You're welcome in advance for the personal humiliation.

 My momma is the cutest
 Jan & Jill - still true to their characters 40 something years later.

Look how good looking my Grandpa was! He was hipster before it was cool.

 This one is sort of famous in our family. Wonder why?
 Yeah - this one is madi

There are just no words.

Oh and one more - remember that laser light head-stacking photo of my sisters and I? Well back when I was pregnant we recreated it. Oh and the grumpy face one too. Here ya go:

Yep. You're welcome.


Lauren said...

haha i love everything about this post.

Brissa said...

okay, i'm dumb. how am i JUST making the connection you and madi are sisters? srsly. this is embarassing.
i read somewhere/saw a tumblr/meme that grandpa's were the original hipsters. like i told madi, i'm glad you guys were able to look back at some pictures and remember the happy times. it makes it easier. :)

Carlie said...

haha! Love it! The last two pics are my favorite! And I can totally see Hadi in you little girl photos! She is going to be CUTE when she is older too (she already is too)!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I love looking back at old photos. I love the grumpy face picture of you...totally classic! And I love that you guys recreated the pictures. So funny! Thanks for sharing!

Brittany Bauer said...

These are awesome!! I love the recreations as well!! Especially Madi sitting on Kira's lap haha Both me and Allen laughed pretty hard. I also see so much Hadi in you!! Yay for cute babies!

Nicole said...

I LOVE THIS! Flashback days are pure awesome. And gollygeewhiz your family is studly. :)