Madison Paige Waters.

My seester is going on a mission! What the? Bet my parents thought they were in the clear regarding missions when they gave birth to their 4th and final daughter. Want to know where she is going?

So great - lots of tears. In case you missed it - California Riverside, August 15th.

Everyone's guesses - and if you look close you can see that my daughter is indeed psychic.

Pretty cool, don't you think? Still can't believe she's going. So proud of you missy pants!  But the question still remains... Who will I text 30 rock quotes to for those 18 months?!


Brissa said...

ahhhhh. shes' going to be so great!

Carlie said...

That is so exciting! She will be awesome!

rachel! said...

This is so happy :) Watch out! The blessings are on their way!

in morse code said...

this makes me so happy!!!! congrats to madison!