So Full.

Sheesh.. I'm exhausted. Just got back from "the funeral" trip back to Idaho and I couldn't be more drained - yet so full. Every part of me is tired and ready to crash, but I can't remember a time when I felt so at peace and happy to be a part of the family I am in. There's something about a death in the family that softens you up just enough to allow for some reshaping if you will allow it. This week changed me and the relationships around me in a very good way. What a blessing that is! I will miss that big ol' guy in the wheelchair that was my grandpa, and I am more grateful now than ever for what he left behind.

Family is so great. I feel so full of knowledge and love of it that I could burst - though I'll probably just opt to go to bed instead.

Get ready for the rest of my posts this week (what day is it anyways?) to be centered around this topic/these pictures. There's still a lot to be recorded.

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