What I Hope For

:: Baking treats and making crafts with my kids
:: Standing by Jake watching our kids games
:: To travel the world with Jake
:: To see the good in this world overcome the evil
:: For Taco Bell to bring back mexi nuggets
:: For my kids to love Harry Potter
:: To use my education and knowledge for good
:: To make a difference
:: To have 30 Rock quotes texted to me every morning when I wake up
:: To be a cat owner all my life
:: To raise my children in the knowledge of the gospel
:: For my kids to know the feeling of love for their child
:: To see Hadley on her wedding day
:: To have my home and closet, one day, look as good as my Pinterest board does
:: To make my home a place where everyone in it feels safe, loved, important, and supported


Jessie said...

Love this list! Perfectly sweet. #3 and #4 and the last 5 I definitely want too.

Danica Holdaway said...

Long live Mexi Nuggets!

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Love this list. Especially the part about your home and closet looking as good as your pinterest board does....hahaha! I cant wait for that either...someday!