I'm a Mom.

Today Hadley peed in the potty! All on her own. Hurray! Celebrations!

Naturally we left her diaper off - lots of drinking - lots of trips back on the potty. But nothing. Boo.

Hour and 45 minutes later pee all over the carpet. It's fine, accidents right? nbd. Clean it up, carry on. 

Go back in the kitchen, get a drink, back to the living room. "Here go mama" and into my hand goes a handful of poop. 

Awesome. "That day" of being a mom has come.


rachel! said...

I just did the Single Girl Shudder over here. I also just invented the SDingle Girl Shudder

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaahaha...I love it! Oh, the joys of potty training :)

in morse code said...

induction at its finest.

Brittany Bauer said...

hahaha! At least she gave it to you and didn't hide it or paint your walls with it :)

Dave and Lizzie said...

Oh my, I am laughing SO hard right now. So glad that you shared. Good luck my dear. I hope she picks up on it quickly!