I am lucky to have an apartment with so much stuff and enough space that I can't keep on top of it all.
I am lucky to have so many clothes that I am that backed up on laundry.
I am lucky to sweep multiple times a day because it means we ate food that day.
I am lucky to have a daughter that says "momma" 1,813,276 times a day, simply for the fun of it.
I am lucky to have to take care of that same daughter whiles she's sick - because it means I have a daughter here with me.
I am lucky to have piles of bills because of the services it means we received.
I am lucky to have that "roundness" on my tummy because it shows all that deliciousness I have partaken of. (And boy have I been partaking...)

I am lucky. And I tell myself to be grateful -- even though I'm grouchy.


Jeannette & Brandt said...

Loved this. Sometimes I think it is a lot easier to look at the negative aspect of these things in our lives, so I really appreciate this!

rebecca said...

this was so so great...