My dedication to you.

All that I have and all that I am come from God. He has given me this life, these blessings and these trials. He has blessed me with this title of "Mother" and I wear it, not only with pride, but with gratitude. He has given you to me and I in turn have given myself to you.

I give my mind and my thoughts to the constant worrying over your well-being;
My eyes to watching over you, to crying for your mistakes and your accomplishments, and to staying half open on sleepless nights or napless mid-afternoons;
My mouth for teaching you all the things I want you to learn, all the things your Heavenly Father wants you to know, and undoubtedly a few things we wish you would never repeat;
These arms - oh these arms - To holding you and comforting you, and praying you will never outgrow them. I give up my arms to no longer be mine, but to only serve and hold dear the blessings I have been given. I pray these arms will give back as many blessings as they have held;
My heart is for you and all the people I hold dear in my life. Your father, your family, our friends and hopefully so much more. This heart never knew all the sorrow and pure joy it would feel;
My stomach was given up long ago when we learned you would come to this family. And the shape it holds today is proof of that. I continue to give that stomach to your constant poking, prodding, and blowing raspberries.
My legs are here to be climbed on and clung to, and there when chasing proves necessary. A lap for whenever you need one, and to walk next to you in all you experience in life.
My feet, on the other hand, are still my own. To keep me upright through all life has to offer - to keep myself walking forwards and never backwards (for too long). And for the occasional spot to put your feet while we are dancing around the kitchen.  

I always thought this body was just my own. But it has so much more to offer than is needed by just one person. So I will be yours if you will be mine - And I find peace in knowing it will be that way forever.


Katy said...

Love. Love.

Kat said...

This is so beautiful!!