Game Day

We're starting young and starting right, I'd say:


Hurray for college football time! This time of year is my most favorite time of year. Cooler weather, leaves changing, lots of food to eat at football-watching get togethers... And a very happy husband. 

Bring it on Fall-time, I've got my cardigans ready and waiting.


Brissa said...

i love this. she's adorable. did you see the game last night? so good. i yelled a lot. a little boy sitting next to us kept laughing at me. he was cute and kept shouting "shoot the zebras!" because the refs sucked. cardigans and boots hollaaaaa.

Jeannette & Brandt said...

I have already make pumpkin cookies twice...I LOVE this time of year! It is the greatest! And Fall clothes are just the cutest.