The Zoo

How many times on this blog do you think I have mentioned my love for the zoo? Too many to count?
I think I was more excited than the birthday girl that we were going.

And the new "Rocky Shores" exhibit did not disappoint. It was definitely the highlight of the trip - And  coming from someone who LOVE penguins, and they didn't even have penguins, that's sayin' something. (Why would you not include penguins?? Come on people.)

I'm just grateful Miss Presley was born 3 years ago so that we had an excuse to go - Thanks Pres!

 Birthday girl
 da monkeys

 I promise Ryker was there - dispite his lack of showing up in these pictures. It's usually either Hadley or him that stays long enough to take the shot, but not both. One day...

 There's that smile...

Success all around! Till Thanksgiving, Hogle Zoo. We'll see you soon.


Brissa said...

i miss the zoo. one day i will go. wait. why thanksgiving? WHAT HAPPENS AT THE ZOO AT THANKSGIVING?!?!?

Jeannette & Brandt said...

Your zoo is so much cooler than ours!

Heatherlynn said...

haha please notice chubs and Ryk creepin in the background of the picture of you and hadi on the elephant trunk