2 years

It's so crazy to me to think that this kid has been apart of our family for 2 years. yet it's equally as crazy to think that it's only been 2 years. I'm sure it feels that way because she has always been apart of us, and we always knew her, even before she came. I have such an assurance of the eternal aspect of families. I have such a belief in this role I was given as a mother - and Jake as a father. I know that something as important as those two roles was not something meant only for this life. We were mothers and fathers before, and we will continue to be in the next life. Whether or not we are blessed with children in this life - that role is still ours. 

I would hope that in the past 2 years I have changed. I feel like I have - I feel like it has made me better in so many ways. Hadley has helped me to stop and breathe in the seconds that are flying by. I cherish the time I am given more. I forgive more and am selfish less. I loose my patience much, much more - but I bounce back faster. I pray more. I follow my instincts more. I look at everything around me and try to find ways to remember it for the moment when I can pass on knowledge to her. I care much more about the future and try to plan more accordingly. 

I could use more time for myself, and need to continue to learn the difference between "oh she neeeeeeeds that!" and "she needs that." I have so far to go, but I can't believe how far I've come in 2 years. I thank God everyday for that crazy little thing.

Heres to many more years of teaching and just as many years of learning.


rachel! said...

This is awesome and adorable :)

Jeannette & Brandt said...

This is the cutest post ever! I love it. She is sooooo freaking adorable. You are such a great mommy!