"Chalk the Block"

We were BIG FANS of Riverwood's "Chalk the Block."

The kids got to all chalk their own squares:

Presley's - some penguins I think?

Brinley's Lorax and truffula tree

 Me & Hadi's (and brin made it a harry potter penguin)

And chalk their bodies:

And then we went and saw the pictures I drew:

(This was the winner)

Ha! Jk. But aren't those incredible? That last one is my little sister's friend. Talk about talented.

This one was my favorite:
I love Calvin and Hobbes with all my heart.

And if all that wasn't enough, I had this little gem to make my WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND.

Life is much too good.


rachel! said...

Separated at birth evidence just keeps piling up: Calvin and Hobbes are THE BEST and Cinnabon is something I would eat even if I was a raging diabetic. Love.

Petersons said...

wait WHOA...where did you see that cinnabon sign????????

karajean said...

Just had to tell you that your comment on my blog was hilarious. I very much enjoyed it, and now plan to fully embrace all of my new-mom embarrassment!